Two sympathetic villains in a row? Guess that’s what happens when I suddenly get the urge to reverse perspectives. Majora’s Mask definitely remains one of my favorite games of the past ten (or so) years, and it’s surprisingly deep and striking in its somewhat understated plot and cast.

Chris has now headed back to Colorado, taking our store supplies with him. While he’s finding a new place and getting settled, please allow a small delay for current store orders until further notice. Our sale is still going strong, though!

Occasionally, I get something really cool emailed to me that I have to share with everyone, so I have to share this spiffy work from a fan named Tom. In the spirit of Comic 257‘s Kremlings playing Magic: The Gathering (and notably the mouseover text), Tom made this classy interpretation of DK’s Giant Punch…in Instant form!


Looks like that’ll discourage the sudden uprising of Kremling decks, eh? Thanks Tom!

-By Matthew