It’s sometimes difficult to predict how a comic will be received when I know the punchline but am unsure if others will interpret it the same way. I hope people don’t see this one as an “everyone hates Slippy” type of strip; I’m assuming most people are familiar with his “Fox, get this guy off me!” style of getting into trouble. And it’s always fun to follow up a large strip like last week’s with something relatively simple.

The ridiculously low prices during our store‘s biggest sale ever have got us doing some weird things, which we have documented below.

After taking this photograph, Matthew became confused at the absence of liquid in his coffee mug, and he took out his anger on the hapless Dededoll. Fortunately, they soon patched up their differences.

Is Chris’s large head as flat as a table? Maybe.

Also, don’t forget that August 18th is the last day to order from our store to get unique hand-drawn art on your box! Some of it is kind of weird, though…

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-Matthew and Chris