Zelda, you crafty princess! For the record, I’m not one of those guys who believes Zelda actually turns male when assuming the Sheik form, but she could easily pass as one when bundled up.

A few of you had asked, so to make things clear, the discount offered during our store’s grand opening sale will be expiring on Tuesday! You should act now if you want to get in on the deal.


Hey, everyone. We felt like taking some pictures of all the boxes and stuff that we’ve been packing up for the past few days. Therefore, we took a few pictures of our merchandise-crammed apartment. (My apologies for the low-quality cell phone pics.)

Dededoll Couch

A giant lump of Dededolls, congregating in anticipation of their upcoming journey to a new home. They seem to get a bit restless while waiting to be packed up.

Where'd the kitchen go?

Here, we see lots of boxes, ready to go! Each one contains a Dededoll. Don’t worry, there are air holes in their packaging. We’ll be bringing them to the post office on Monday so that we can finally use the kitchen table again.

Box art!

Box art! Matthew has drawn some kind of image on every box. They are of all sizes and many different Nintendo characters, including many familiar faces.


Why are you looking at me?!

I feel so... blurry...

So, do we sleep on the boxes, or what?

The bedroom is also crammed with boxes. Thankfully, a special friend of Matthew’s is holding some of the extra stuff, so at least we have room to walk around. (Thanks, Sarah!)

If you ordered a Dededoll, it’ll be in the mail on Monday! If you ordered some shirts or mugs along with it, it will be another short while until we have those items in hand (we’ll ship your order when we’ve got everything you ordered in stock). We’ll take more pics then (and better ones, too).

– Chris