The gauge I have for uploading a comic or not is whether I think it’s funny, but sometimes I fear that my humor may be too cornball for people.  But hey, it’s worked for me thus far so I’ve learned to simply trust my gut.  Also, it’s been forever since we’ve had a Kirby eating comic!

This strip brings up an interesting oddity–apparently, the powers granted unto Kirby shifted once the banana he was eating became the second banana, and whatever would’ve happened with a single banana was changed at that point.  Quite a bizarre development, if I say so myself.  Now then, in the spirit of today’s comic…



Luigi is the younger, less famous brother of Mario. He’s very supportive of his older bro, and he’s fully accepted his role as second banana in the realm of princess-saving, but things still never seem to go quite right for him.

Living in Mario’s shadow seems to have given Luigi a bit of an inferiority complex. Mario’s reputation as a high-jumping hero marginalizes Luigi’s own qualities, even though Luigi is technically an even better jumper than his portly bro. The only things that spice up his otherwise lonely life are his secret love for Daisy and the… “unusual” attention that Waluigi seems to give him.

-By Matthew