Oh boy, it’s storytime!

Today’s comic was a fun challenge. Brawl in the Family is generally a visual-gag-driven strip, so I don’t really afford many opportunities to involve the characters in actual conversations. Captain Falcon and Samus seem to have quite a bit in common, so I wanted to start their date night off with just a strip of them getting along in a way that one would reasonably expect them to. Expect a bit of a tone shift on Friday though…

Thanks to Other M, Samus’s BitF design has been mildly tweaked to include the infamous chin mole.

Cool to hear that most of you really enjoyed the review comic last week. I’ll probably be doing one of those every couple months or so. Just don’t expect one for the game I finished last night–Persona 4 for the PlayStation 2. A certain “life-journal” user out there has already made an excellent series of comics about that one. As for Persona 4 itself, it’s highly entertaining and likable, and one of the best RPGs of the decade (yes, I do play other systems once in awhile!).