I can’t be the only one who’d see tier lists as a measure of popularity, a la high school. Although now I fear I’ve cracked open a discussion about the existence of tiers and who’d be placed where! The characters I chose here were simply based off the guys that are usually agreed upon as pretty low on the tier list.

Anyway, that wraps up our five-comic week! But the party’s just started, because tomorrow at 5:00 PM Pacific (6 Mountain, 7 Central, 8 Eastern), the massive Smash Bros/Mario Kart bash will be starting! See this thread for details, and feel free to drop on by.

I was considering doing seven comics this week too, but I sort of ran out of ideas. One of them involved Dedede barging in and being all friendly to Kirby (with Kirby muttering, “Have you been in the punch?”), but I decided against ol’ inebriated Deeds. The other one was this, which I just started doodling up to see where it’d take me. Unfortunately, I never really found a punchline.

Comic to return on Tuesday. Bash tomorrow, or if you’re reading this on Saturday, TODAY!

-By Matthew