When I came up with the idea of the Smash Bros. cast all having a party, a bunch of quick gags like this one all came to mind, which made the prospect of a week-long series loosely tied together a fun one to me. Not that I dislike Mario Party or anything, but you gotta admit it might be kind of a downer during a REAL party (with party ball piƱatas, no less)! Besides, the date’s “Mar10” so now’s as good as any time to poke fun at our portly plumber.

Sorry about the lack of color for a “multiple of 5” comic, but due to the number of new strips this week, I figured it’s a worthy trade-off. Besides, I’m starting to like the monochrome shaded look almost as much as the colored comics’ look.

To finish off this week’s festivities, we’ll be having a Brawl/Mario Kart party at the end of the week. Chris and I will be there, of course, slapping people silly. If you want to race or hit me (BRING IT ON), post your friend codes here and I’ll see you Saturday evening!

-By Matthew