While Tuesday’s comic was all about video games, today’s has pretty much nothing to do with games! Kirby seems like the kind of guy that’d happily feel like he’s getting his money’s worth here, so more power to him. And curtains make pretty backgrounds. Now then…

The Haiti Drive donations have been donated!

The grand total of $607 has been donated to CRS to be used expressly for Haiti relief!

Here’s the story, in brief. In late January, we started a ChipIn donation drive to raise money for the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. We surpassed our initial goal of $500 quite quickly thanks to your generous donations! However, on our way to our new goal of $1000, the account was locked by Paypal – they said they needed some documentation from us to (basically) prove we’re collecting for the charity. Sounds simple, right? Wrong! It took us weeks of calling and emailing the charity and Paypal before we were able to get the right documents sent to the right people. It was pretty dang frustrating! Fortunately, things are in the clear now, and Matthew paid CRS the full amount using his credit card.

We’d like to apologize to everyone who donated for this delay in the donation procedure. We wish we’d been able to continue the donation drive as planned because we’re totally sure we could have reached $1000 by the end of the drive. In retrospect, we probably should have contacted the charity before starting the drive to see if we needed to do anything special to collect money without a hitch. But hindsight’s 20/20, eh?

Thank you to everyone who donated! Your donation has gone to a great cause and is helping people who are desperately in need.

Finally, one last significant announcement: the BitForums have now moved to vBulletin, as e-Blah was giving us some major performance issues. The good news is that there’re a lot of cool new options at everyone’s fingertips, and spiffy aspects like smileys hand-drawn by yours truly. So if you’ve ever wanted to express yourself on a message board like this kirbkirb or this YEAH or this TOOBAD, then head on over and sign up!