First of all, thanks for everyone who replied to the previous inquiry! I’ll be sure to personally respond to each of you soon. To clarify, I wasn’t strongly considering some sort of major shift in the comics or anything, but mainly checking up on what everyone thought of the current ratio of game-themed strips vs. character-themed strips. It seems nearly everyone is happy with what’s going on now, which is nice to hear. We appreciate all the feedback!

On today’s strip, I can’t be the only one that goes nuts breaking everyone’s jars. And this is the dorkiest I’ve ever drawn Link. One of the trickier things regarding Zelda comics is that, per his character, I try to never have Link actually talk, and this is where Navi comes in handy. Meanwhile, the newer shading style is back again, and I’ll probably be using it for most non-Kirby comics from this point.

I also have to put a deadline on the Haiti drive, unfortunately. I’ve been calling and emailing a lot of people lately, and at this point there’s not much else I can do but wait for them to sort it out. However, there’s only so long I can stretch this while a lot of people’s money is out there, so if it’s not sorted out by next Friday, we’ll be refunding 100% of the money to our generous readers. Hopefully it won’t come to that, though, and we can finish the drive as planned.

There should be new buttons near the top by the time you read this. This should allow for easier browsing, and we’ll have a neat little new feature implemented over the weekend too.

Finally, in a game full of eligible women hitting on our hero, Malon stands above the rest.

-By Matthew