What if you had a means to see how the world actually perceived you, and the results were less-than-pleasant?  Dedede finds out the hard way that his rival is seen as stronger, cuter, and all-around better.

Scribblenauts for the DS has been getting a lot of internet buzz, and due to it releasing today, I figured I’d have a little fun with the concept.  It certainly sounds intriguing, but I’d hate to be in, say, the Kraken’s shoes when he finds out that something like a vampire can kill him.  If nothing else, it should provide plenty of educational value when it comes to teaching gamers that zombies can be defeated by dinosaurs.

Today’s comic is also a callback to Dedede’s DS, and BitF characters’ odd habit of dramatically throwing something away when they see a downside to it.



Alright, so yesterday, I get back my Wii from Nintendo (which I sent in for repairs due to it locking up on me for no real reason).  After paying the steep repair cost and waiting a couple weeks to get it back…lo and behold, all my save data is gone.  All of it.  Every game save, every VC and WiiWare game and save, all 100 of my Miis, all my system messages, etc.  Nothing they could do.  They gutted the system and replaced it with new innards.

Due to me spending a large amount of time lately trying to redownload VC games (unsuccessfully, as this “new” Wii simply will not hook up to the internet for some idiotic reason).  Very, very frustrating.  I have a somewhat ambitious plan for comic 190, but simply didn’t have enough time to get it ready for today thanks to this complete aggravation by Nintendo.

Needless to say, I was royally ticked.  And you don’t tick off a cartoonist.

So to alleviate this frustration (and still give you guys a bonus comic of sorts), I sketched out this semi-disturbing tale of madness to pronounce my rage at the world of Nintendo.  Don’t worry too much about the cast–they’ll be up and about again next Tuesday, but I’ve gotta take some time to cool down.

(In case you were wondering, the final panel is a reference to these two comics I’ve made in the past)