I really like the way this comic turned out, yet I’m still a little uncertain if it’s too difficult to read.  The hard edges for each frame and pink/blue backgrounds were added to help the legibility.

I’ve always enjoyed exploring the softer side of BitF; amidst the misfortunes these characters suffer through, they’re still a part of a larger circle of buddies.  Hence the comic’s name, actually (it’s not just a play on “All in the Family”)!

The ridiculous, fit versions of today’s two leads were fun to design.  How did they get so tall!?

By the way, according to some fans on the forum, this is Kirby’s 100th appearance in BitF!  Sorry there’s not a big ol’ blowout or anything, but it’s sort of an obscure thing to celebrate!  I’ll just give credit to user “LightningBoalt” for keeping track of all this.