Dedede’s actually got quite a good hand at this point, but what the heck is Meta Knight planning?

I quite liked writing this aspect of the comic, but I wasn’t sure if having someone burst in twice in a row would be solid enough, humor-wise.  Today, I think it’s not really about a punchline in the final panel, but more of a reveal.  So I snuck some small gags in elsewhere.  As well as a couple hidden things…

Meta Knight could’ve gone either way as Godot or Mask*DeMasque.  As fun as it would’ve been to have three “prosecutors” in the same room, Meta Knight would just look a little too different with the Godot visor, so I gave him DeMasque’s shoulder pads.

So where will this all go?  Check back next week for final two parts!

In other news, our Characters page now has finished bios!  Give ’em a read!