Dededoo returns!  To those who don’t follow the comic that closely, this one probably makes no sense.  It’s a follow-up to comic 103.  I’ll take any chance I can get to trick viewers into thinking Dededoo is Dedede!

The existence of Kirby’s teeth has always been a pressing issue for me, keeping me up many a night.  As far as I know, none of the games show him with teeth…but sometimes, they just lead to more expressive emotions than if I didn’t have them to fall back on.  Plus, today’s joke sort of required it.

Dedede, being a bird of some sort (my vote’s on penguin, but the jury’s still out there.  I’ve heard eagle, pelican, and chicken as well), shouldn’t have teeth either…but the cartoon gives him a big ol’ piano mouth, so I feel I can take liberty with that.

Coming Friday, 100% less teeth discussion.