Sorry for the delay–the server has been giving us trouble lately.  But I’m back from Tokyo, ready to get set on updating once again!

Today, we take an in-depth look at how Mario managed to put his years of hard studying to fruition and pass his med school final.  I would be honored to have a doctor like him operate on me.

An early version of this strip involved Dr.. Stiles.  I may be able to use it in the near future if I decide it’s different enough from this gag and/or I run out of comic ideas.

By the way, Japan is a hoot.  While I wasn’t able to visit Kyoto (and consequently, NCL [who I’m skeptical even gives tours anyway]), I did see the cherry blossoms in bloom, visit the Akihabara District, and eat a gross dango.  Hopefully I can get some pictures up, with plentiful details, although I’ll save them for the forums rather than this blog.  And finally, people were curious as to what Stafy/Starfy was saying last week.  Roughly (and not all that accurately, apparently) translated from Japanese, Starfy said to Kirby something like “Take me back with you!”  It’s a nod to Nintendo’s recent decision to bring Starfy over to the US shores.  Lucky us…but I’m still waiting for Mother 3!