Nifty one-fifty!  Emulating syndicated artists’ styles is quite a bit tougher than I thought it’d be.  You’d think I’d know that after comic 50…!  This strip’s underlying meta-reference was fun to do, but it was also quite enjoyable to try to delve into the styles (both art-wise and humor-wise) of other famous comic strips.

Sorry about the delay on this one–there’ve been some non-BitF-related issues over here lately, and it’s something that slowed progress this week.  As a side-effect, I probably won’t have the next comic until around Wednesday of next week.  But there will still be two comics next week, so don’t worry!

Also, sorry about the lack of a BIG SURPRISE but…rest assured it’s coming very soon!  In fact, you might even see it by the next update.  Here’s a hint–it’s been in development for months.  What could it be!?

Links to larger, individual comic images: PEANFARSFORBFOXTGARF.