~An important announcement comes with this update!~

And so wraps up this two-week story! An early idea for this story was to have more and more characters get stuck to the huge mass of the bomb, but I felt that sort of thing was expected and didn’t have anywhere to really go in terms of humor (and it’d also be a pain to draw after awhile).. I’m satisfied with the slight change of pace once Adeleine came onto the scene, although I can definitely understand the readers who expected something different. But the character stuff, however brief, was really fun to explore a bit.

For your benefit though, I’m providing a little special feature here–alternate endings! This is the first, suggested by site designer and consultant, Chris:

And here’s the second, suggested by…well, half the people on our forums!

I hope you enjoyed this extended look at Adeleine, Dedede, and Meta Knight (and yes, Kirby took a break this time!). If not, though, you’ll be glad to know that we’ll be returning to your regularly scheduled programming on Monday. With one exception…


Starting the week after next–Monday, February 16th–Brawl in the Family will be updating less frequently. I know some of you will be a little disappointed with this, but as some comic ideas get a little tougher to come up with, I truly think it’s for the best of the site. I’m happy with the comics uploaded so far, but I feel that a strict three-a-week schedule could negatively affect the quality of the strip in the near future.

After next week, we will be updating on Tuesdays and Fridays. So that’s BitF…Bi-weekly on TF. Got it? I will still upload the occasional bonus comic, especially when running future story arcs, so don’t worry too much about not getting enough of the strip.

The good news is that the redesign is still on the way and coming along nicely. It’s still a few weeks away but we’re making progress. And we’ve almost reached a million hits!

See ya Monday.

Oh, and happy birthday, Mom!