Sorry for the massive delay–it took way longer than I expected.

I wanted to do this musical-style montage from the moment I thought of the Grinch story, and I couldn’t resist making a complete parody song to go with a bunch of visual gags. Due to this mainly being inspired by the animated Grinch movie, the art style in this strip is more along the lines of cartoony cel animation (while the next part will be back to the look of comic 114).

About the song, I wanted to record it from scratch to really go all out, and include some Nintendo musical references as well (and raise the tempo). I did have some help from site designer Chris, who did a nice job providing the non-keyboard percussion parts!

There was a lot cut for time as well. I had another stanza bashing Ubi Soft’s support of the Wii, as well as several other visual gags (like Dedede stealing the Master Sword from its pedestal and aging quickly as a result) that couldn’t make the cut either.

It’s different, anyway. And the coloring took way, way longer than I anticipated due to the absolutely massive number of panels (although it’s a fast-paced comic, considering). I think more than any, this strip really displays my love of animation and cartoons considering it’s essentially a giant, colored storyboard.

I hope you enjoyed this musical silliness today, but if not…well, at least there won’t be any more fruity singin’ for the rest of the story arc!