I’m going on vacation to a place where computers are scarce: Florida.

We’ll be back on Monday, December 1st. Don’t forget to check around the site if you missed the latest strips!

Given the season, I’d like to thank you friendly readers for the support over the months, as well as the occasional donation! Chris and I have been discussing ways to revamp certain areas of the site to make everything a little neater and more streamlined. Hopefully we can get a semi-redesign going before the end of this year.

If you’re bored for the next week, try this: some readers commented on finding Giygas in comic 075. What NOBODY found, though, were the two other, more subtle visual EarthBound references in comics around that time too. So, in two comics somewhere between 80 and 90, are a couple of very hidden EarthBound nods (and no, comics 82 and 85 don’t count! Those aren’t hidden). Find ’em to win a pat on the back from yourself.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving week.