Friday, March 9 2018

I have a couple big…well, as they say in the Smash Bros. world, “deconfirmations” for you guys regarding the surprise today. Plus a contest! Let’s get to it–

First, it’s not a video game. I greatly appreciate hearing from all the fans that enjoyed Tadpole Treble, and I’m certainly not retiring from making games, but it was a massive amount of work and I’m taking a bit of a break from that for the moment. I’ll talk about this subject a bit more on a later date, so let’s move on.

Secondly, I’m not oblivious–I’m aware of how much a lot of you enjoy Brawl in the Family and want to see it back. But my thoughts on BitF remain the same as they were when I ended it in 2014–I’m happy with how it wrapped up, and I don’t think I’d be satisfied with a continuation of it. So consider this confirmation that there is not a sequel, reboot or continuation of Brawl in the Family in the works. The last thing I want to do is get people hyped for a new era of BitF and then get disappointed with what I’m actually doing!

And yes, I understand the irony with the timing of this announcement and Nintendo’s sudden Direct featuring Super Smash Bros…!

That said, “what I’m actually doing” is something BitF fans would be very interested in! So stay tuned for excitement and intrigue.

Okay! So here’s the contest. Can you solve this puzzle related to the secret project?

Please post answers on the Twitter update that links the puzzle. The FIRST person who gets the correct answer will get a lovely prize from me!