It’s the first Brawl in the Family Podcast! This was recorded on February 27, 2013.

[Act 1] Introduction (00:01)– Matthew and Chris introduce a potential new chunk of BitF, complete with a new theme song and a few familiar themes you may recognize.

[Act 2] Game Discussion–Fire Emblem: Awakening (01:28)– Series newcomer Matthew has finally opened his heart to this long-neglected franchise, and it is good. He details what makes the game so compelling, and why Nintendo fans should give it a chance. Later, the guys talk about Nintendo’s odd handling of digital distribution.

[Act 3] Comic Talk–467/468 (23:07)– Phantoon’s odd optical orifice is discussed here in more detail than anyone would probably want to know, as well as the original idea for comic 468 – Magic Tomes. Rated E10+ for talk of mythical Japanese monsters that have an eyeball for a butt.

[Act 4] Why Did They Do That? Nintendo Doomsayers(32:52)– A section built for a little venting, Matthew directs a bit of uncommon ire towards the constant negativity floating Nintendo’s way. The guys chat about post-launch droughts and what Nintendo can do to help their perception.

[Act 5] Leftovers: Trauma Team (42:33)– An impromptu segue gets everyone talking about the semi-overlooked Wii classic, Trauma Team. Chris discusses his fresh thoughts on the game, having just beat it, while Matthew remembers it fondly.

[Act 6] Music Break: “Fire Emblem Main Theme” (45:57)– This section is all about giving you guys a remix straight from Matthew’s (dad’s) keyboard. This time around, in the spirit of the podcast, the Fire Emblem Main Theme.

[Act 7] Closing Comments (48:00)– That’s a wrap! Please disregard the comments about the store for now, as we had to close it for a bit! But we hope you enjoyed listening.

[Epilogue] Patty and Selma’s Amazing Duet (48:43)