Friday, September 11 – 12:00 AM

Super Mario Bros. 3 still has the best power-ups in the series.

One of the best things about making a comic starring existing characters is that so much of this stuff is already accepted, making for endless visual gag possibilities.  Case in point–why does a Goomba have a giant shoe?  What possible use could it have for that?  Where did it get it?  How does it even control it?  Today’s comic reveals the answer–one that, if I say so myself, answers all those questions pretty easily.  As with most BitF comics, I like to deliver the unexpected for the final panel, so this one joins the ranks of Hair Curl and the recent Confrontation in warping the viewer’s perspective on what they assume.

…And that’s really all that webcomics are.  Lulling people into a false sense of security and then tricking them.  Do it in real life, and you’re an extortionist; do it with comics, and you’re praised.  What a twisted world we live in.

-By Matthew