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    Hey man, just wanted to stop and wish you a Merry Christmas. Hope your day was sufficiently awesome!
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    I have many story ideas planned, with two on the forefront right now. One with Geo and Cobalt, and the other with my three T-named androids. If you want to critique or otherwise hear them, I love having an audience.
    That sounds awesome--chalk me up as an eager listener. Hit me with the elevator pitch!

    And I appreciate the compliments, thank you. Art's definitely just a hobby for me, so I'm certainly not your top-rung arteest, but I'd be more than happy to offer up some advice. I'm just going to start with some generic tips that I hold to, for sake of ease. That said, I'd be happy to look at some of your particular pieces of art and say what comes to mind, if you'd like me to.

    Firstly, the biggest boon for me was simply looking at other people's art. Yeah, really. Specifically art I admired and felt fit my own style, and then analyzing how and why it was made that way. How eyes were drawn, how various parts were proportioned, etc. An easy example on my end: I stole took huge inspiration from Tigerfog's Sonic art when it came to drawing hands. Specifically, how very rectangular his fingers were drawn. As a reference: his art and an older drawing I did. So, my advice would be to look at art you enjoy and feel fits your style and see how they did parts of it. Try to reverse engineer the drawing in your head and go for it.

    Secondly: when you see a need for it, push yourself a little out of your comfort zone. And by that I mean to understand flaws you might have in your art and push harder on them to fix it. For example: I used to have huge problems with proportions. I'd draw a fine head, but the body and limbs would progressively get smaller as I drew, leading to an off-kilter drawing. Solution? I would put extra focus on making the body and limbs larger than I normally would. This backfired occasionally, but most often it led to a much more balanced drawing. And this can be applied to anything. As a far more recent example: when sketching character designs, I often have the character in a default "just stand there" pose. Gets the job done and it does have its place, but it was getting a bit stale for me. Solution? Put the character in a far more dynamic pose (running, reacting, etc.). It forced me to do poses I'm less familiar with, and also resulted it far more interesting art pieces. So in short: understand where your drawings might be tripping up, and focus on those areas in particular to fix.

    Thirdly, the most obvious one everyone spouts: time. I don't put as much stock in this as other people do (I disagree with the notion that simply drawing the same thing over and over again will give you marked improvement. Not if you're never learning anything new), but it's true. Art's a skill, and the more you invest in it the better you'll be. I mean, I've been drawing for four years, which led from things like these to things like these. Do I still have problems in my art? Sure. Do I hate my old art? Nah. But there is a marked improvement in the years I've been drawing, and it'll only keep going up from here.

    Apologies if this went on a bit. I admittedly tend to ramble. Hope this helps you, though!

    (Haha, that's awesome! The 2P Start guys are great. Their podcasts were top-notch quality--I still go back and listen to them from time to time("quote-unquote people" is a classic).

    Oh, and in reply to your Deviantart message, I wouldn't mind switching the discussion over there, if logging in here's a hassle. Up to you, though.)
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    So I stumbled on your Deviantart while browsing custom-made Megaman sculpts (very nice Galaxyman, by the way), and realized "hey, I've seen this guy before!" So, leaping from beyond the shadows of stranger-land, I figured I'd drop by and say you've got some really good spriting sensibility. Very solid color choices, too. Excellent work, and I do believe I'll give you a good ol' watch.

    Also, judging by some critiques you've made on Deviantart, you seem to have an understanding of story structure and writing in general. I'm an aspiring novelist, myself, so this is pretty much the land of milk and honey for me. If you don't mind me asking, have you written anything yourself?

    Anywho, thought I'd be neighborly and stop by. Tally-ho, good sir!

    Oh, and if the title to your intro thread was a 2P Start! reference, you get massive kudos.
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    Heya! Haven't heard from you in...Yeesh. Two months. How've you been?
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    Didn't even notice.
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    Hullo. :3c
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