Dededoll's Big Adventure
by Chris Seward and Matthew Taranto

Dededoll is a young doll.  One day, he got bored of sitting around the house!  "I need adventure!" he said.

Dededoll looked around for someone to come with him.  

Dededoll liked the piano, but it was too large to come along.  The milk carton was just the right size, but Dededoll did not think it would be very helpful.

Then, Dededoll found Sasha the dog.  "How about you, Sasha?" Dededoll asked.  "Will you come on an adventure with me?"

Sasha did not reply.  

Sasha does not like adventures.

Finally, Dededoll found Matthew.  "This will do nicely!" Dededoll thought.  

However, Matthew could not come with Dededoll, because he was busy making internet comics.  Matthew wished Dededoll the best of luck and sent him on his way.

"It's up to me, then!" Dededoll thought.  "Adventure, here I come!"

"Oh, how exciting this is!  Before I leave, though, I must plan my trip carefully."

  Dededoll knew the importance of eating an early meal before an adventure.  "First," he thought,"I need to eat a good breakfast to give myself energy for the day!"

"Yum!"  Dededoll enjoyed his breakfast more than usual, because he knew that it would prepare him for the thrilling day ahead.

After finishing his breakfast, Dededoll knew just where to go: the beach!

The weather was very nice at the beach.  The warm sand and cool breeze made Dededoll very sleepy, and he took a short nap, but before too long, he woke himself up, because he knew he shouldn't be sleeping.  "I've got so much more to do!"

Dededoll had heard that the bayous of Louisiana were beautiful.  They were!

However, it was getting warmer, and Dededoll was becoming tired again.  He knew that he needed more energy if he was going to continue this adventure at all!

Fortunately, Dededoll has a keen sense of smell and good taste in food.

Even after this delicious meal, Dededoll felt tired.  He was a long way from home.  How did he get here?  How was he going to get back?

The sun was beginning to set over the bayou, and Dededoll was becoming lonely.  He tried walking home, but could not find his way.

Dededoll kept looking for clues and landmarks to help him figure out where he was, but nothing seemed familiar to him.

Eventually, he found another restaurant.  Restaurants reminded Dededoll of home, and he grew increasingly homesick.

"Do you know where Matthew is?" Dededoll asked.  "Also, where are my chicken wings?"

The sky became dark.  Dededoll didn't know where he was, and he was afraid.  Dededoll closed his eyes and began to cry.

Suddenly, a bright light shone upon him.  "Dededoll!  There you are!"

It was Matthew!

Dededoll had made it all the way home!  

He was exhausted.  It had been a very long day.  Dededoll decided that he did not quite like adventuring as much as he thought he would.

Matthew knew just how to make Dededoll feel right at home.  Hot cocoa for everyone!

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"Dededoll's Big Adventure"
by Chris Seward and Matthew Taranto