As of Tuesday, I’m now 27! So here’s an idea I’ve been wanting to do for awhile–have my family each write and draw their own BitF comic during the week of my birthday. That’s a new strip EVERY DAY until Friday, so keep checking back!

Tuesday’s comic comes from my brother Michael, who’s quite the Metroid fan. Once the pesky Wavers synchronize their movements correctly, not even Samus can stand in their way! (at least until she reverts back to Power Bombs…)

Wednesday’s comic arrives via my sister Melissa, and definitely feels like the kind of thing I would come up with! I especially like Mario’s expression in the last panel.

Thursday’s comic was drawn by my dad, who’s always had an artistic side. Alternate titles he came up with include “Fungus Not Among Us,” “Portobello Fellow,” and “Fungicide.” Yoshi’s expression in panel one kills me!

Friday’s comic finally has popped up (due to technical difficulties on the site) from my fiancee, pretty much saying what some of us may be thinking! She wants it to be known that the original idea painted me in a much better light, but I told her to go nuts and pick on me! I think she still felt guilty…hence the title of her comic.

So that wraps up “Brawl from the Family” week. That was a lot of fun, although ironically it actually took me more effort than a normal week just to get it all together and working properly…so rest assured the napping was kept to a minimum!

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-By Matthew