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About Brawl in the Family
Hello, and welcome to Brawl in the Family!

What...the heck...IS this?

I'm glad you asked.  Brawl in the Family is a comic strip centering on Kirby and by extension, many famous Nintendo characters that have appeared in the Smash Bros games.  There are also cameos from other titles as well.

How did this horrific monstrosity ever come into existence?

Great question!  The strip began as a series of doodles during one of my many art history classes in college.  Eventually, they sort of merged with my notes in my disorganization.  To this day, I still think King Dedede built the Baldacchino.

Yick.  So why'd you have to slap it on the internet and subject the rest of the world to it?

I was bored one night and doodled up six comics, then put them online on a message board on IGN.  From there, people seemed to enjoy them, so I put them up at a few other locations, such as GameFAQs.  It was there that I found a host, and my friend was willing to design the site, so here it is.

So there are several people to blame for this ordeal.

Great question! (laughs)  It began as a comic about the Kirby characters, but once I added the Smash Bros cast (and Kirby's interaction with them), the scope of the strip could expand significantly.

Have you no shame?  These aren't even your characters!

That's a good point.  Here is the much-needed legal mumbo-jumbo for this strip:

All Kirby and video game characters included in this comic are owned by their respective corporate parents (mostly Nintendo Co. Ltd. and Masahiro Sakurai--keep up the good work, guys!).  This is a parody strip.  I did not create these characters...but if I had, I'd be happily sitting on a big pile of money instead of doodling on the internets.

OK, enough.  Please bore me with some technical stuff.

Brawl in the Family is best viewed on a computer, specifically one that can display 1024x768 resolution or higher.  You can use pretty much any browser you want and that should work just fine.  This site was made using Nvu 1.0.  

Please feel free to add us to your site!  Here are a couple of buttons you could use.

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Brawl in the Family is:

Matthew Taranto (TriforceBun) - Comic Artist/Writer, Site Graphics
Chris Seward (fiftyeighthens) - Web Design/Maintenance/Updates

Thanks again to Tim (PZT) and for hosting the site.

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