Tuesday, September 10 — 1:00 PM

EarthBound comic!  Sorry to those of you that haven’t played EB yet–this comic might be a little hard to get with the photographer falling from the sky.  It’s slightly on the spoilish side, but not too much since this scene plays out in the first half hour of the game.  And like the Diamond Dog comic from a couple weeks back, this one was inspired by watching Sarah play through EB.  Her sisters noticed how surprising it was that the photo man drops in and takes a picture right after this tragedy, and we all had a good laugh about it then too.  Thanks, Mari and Emily, for allowing me to extend that dark humor to the rest of the world!

It’s that time again–time for a new podcast!

But before we begin, please direct your attention to the header.  As you can see, we’ve added our podcasts into their own little easy-to-access section!  We’re still ironing out the kinks, but that’ll be the go-to spot to easily find them from now on.

podcast 4 art

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[Act 1] Introduction (00:01) – Matthew got the intro music back.  Welcome to the show!

[Act 2] The Daily News: 2DS Announcement and Wii U Price Drop (01:28) – It’s a new section!  It’s a news section!  Matthew and Chris use this section to warm up the show and discuss the latest events in Nintendo news.  Naturally, they also drop their own opinions on everything, whether you like it or not.

[Act 3] Game Discussion–Pikmin 3 (07:32) - Matthew goes through a brief history of the Pikmin series, then the guys give their thoughts on the latest Miyamoto title to hit the Wii U.

[Act 4] Why Did They Do That? Complaints About Difficulty (23:34) – Hot on the heels of the new DuckTales rerelease, a review surfaces that lambasts the game’s difficulty.  And that just doesn’t sit well with Matthew, who feels games have gotten way too easy lately.

[Act 5] Music Break: Pikmin Medley (30:29) – Now moved to the middle of the podcast!  Today’s song combines a few themes from Pikmin.

[Act 6] Comic Talk: 501-507; 161 (32:06) - Would Wii Fit Trainer kiss Pit?  Will Whispy live again?  These questions and more answered in today’s Comic Talk!

[Act 7] Digital Deconstruction: Nintendo’s Next System (44:43) - Matthew has seen the future!  All the signs are pointing to his theory on what the next Nintendo system will be.  Not only that, but he can guarantee that this will either happen, or not happen.

[Act 8] Closing Comments (52:04) – That wraps it up for a quicker podcast!  Hope you enjoyed it, and happy gaming.


SURPRISE MUSIC TRIVIA CONTEST!  Let’s see how well you guys know your obscure NES titles!  Snuck into the podcast is an NES song from one of my favorite overlooked gems of the system.  You can hear it as the intro the the Daily News section.  If you can recognize the game it’s from, then post in the Podcast Discussion thread on the BitForums!  The first listener who can correctly identify the song will win themselves a free deck of BitF playing cards!

-By Matthew