Tuesday, August 21 — 12:00 AM

“Toad” has always been the quintessential Toad, hasn’t he?  He and Yoshi represent their respective species so well, in fact, that their parents named them as such.  It’d be like a couple saying “This baby is the definitive human, so let’s call him Human.”  I imagine such a distinction might drive some others of that species a little crazy, as seen in the comic above.  It’s even starting to spread to characters/species like Birdo, and Kamek (Japanese name)!

Personally, I still like to think of them as “Mushroom Retainers,” like they were in the original Mario.

I didn’t initially have New Super Mario Bros. 2 in mind when making today’s strip, but a comic that mentions another Peach capture does coincide well with a new Mario game’s release.  I have a more NSMB2-specific strip in the works as well.

This Friday, I have a nifty announcement to make in the blog post!  For once, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with Brawl in the Family (or me being sick or married or anything).

-By Matthew