Tuesday, January 10 — 12:00 AM

Welcome back, readers, and happy new year!  To kick 2012 off at BitF, we’ve got a new piece of merchandise for sale starting at the end of the week, so check back with us Friday.  It’s sure to be a good deal–an ace in the hole, if you will.

I must humbly bow to the plethora of Sonic fans that will likely not be too keen on today’s strip!  Hopefully you guys don’t take this poke too seriously–once I thought up Kirby’s resolution and the subsequent “punchline” to it, I couldn’t resist including it in the comic.  In the Blue Blur’s defense, I’ve enjoyed parts of Generations, Colors, and (going back a bit) Rush.  But I regret nothing!  And hey, don’t we all pretty much have the same resolution as Sonic when you get down to it?

On that note, I hope no one else is offended by the use of the word “suck.”

Bucking trends somewhat, today’s strip is in color and Friday’s will be in blue and white.  I did that since I wanted the New Year’s strip to be the first image of 2012, and it’s more suited to full color.

-By Matthew